What is a blog?

For sure, you have been asking yourself this question, what is a blog? Well, now is the time to get you clear about that.

A blog is usually what most people use to promote their website. Some people also use it to promote their products and some just to earn money online by pleasing their readers.

A blog can be anything you post on the internet without someone’s restriction. It can be completely your feelings, your thoughts, your political views, a product review or it can be associated with the company you are working for. Bloggers usually post updates on the internet with the aim of informing, educating or pursuing people to take action. A blog can contain text, photos and videos and all those might be linked to other related sources.

In simple terms, a blog is your freedom of expression, freedom of publishing on the net without violating someone else’s rights.

Why do people blog?

If you have read carefully the previous paragraph, I have already answered this question. People blog to promote their website, to promote the products they are offering, to entertain, educate and to pursue others to take action. An example of pursuing people to take actions could be someone who writes a piece on their website to describe the challenges they have and pursuing people who visit their site to donate or make certain contribution.

Why do people read blogs?

Generally, blogs are short versions of what people are looking for in a website, they are supposed to be straight to the point, easy to understand and are informative.

So people read blogs to get that instant information about service, product, news clips they are looking for. They want to be informed, to be entertained and some are searching for reasonable pursuing information for them to make contributions or to assist them to take actions. So when we write our blogs we should take consideration of the inform, entertain and pursue function/purpose so that our readers stay hooked in reading our blog posts. An example of informing function blogging could be a website for job posting. Here people will be interested to know about jobs advertised, who advertised them, what is the salary scale and how to apply. If you are this kind of blogger just like I do, make sure that your blog post are accurately posted with common Search Engine Keywords. Let’s talk about keywords later.

What makes a blog interesting?

Like I said in the previous paragraphs, you blog should be informative, entertaining and persuasive if you need your readers to stay hooked. Readers like to be filled in when reading a post, you need to show them what you want them to know and they need as much information in a shortened way. They need to feel your post, fantasy, total imagination and emotional feeling at some instance.

It is also advisable to mention that readers love to read “neat” stuff. Your posts should be error free, otherwise they will say “this guy does not know what he/she is doing”. So try to please your readers at all times.

Your post should not only reflect fantasy but also must have a feeling of reality. Make referrals in some of the points you are trying to make. You have nothing to lose just to mention one or two sources of the information you are referring to, examples and links of your recommended websites.

Speaking of referrals let me tell you about my favorite Blogger. His name is John Chow and his website is johnchow.com. The guy is a good blogger, he knows what he blogs about and he keeps it short and simple.

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