Bursting Email Scams, Junk and Spammers

Hi, thank you for giving yourself two minutes of your time to read this. I’m sure you will finish it because you are eager to know how you can respond to scam, spam, junk, whatever you want to call them.

I don’t have the whole internet experience but I have came across few if not many scam emails wanting to collect people’s email addresses. Have you ever read an email that says at the end “send this to 10 people and CC me as well” or “send this to 10 of your friends including me and you will see miracles in less than 5 minutes” Well; I guess your answer is a big YES! What have you learned out of this? If you ever seen an email that says exactly or similar to what I have described, just DETETE it immediately because if you don’t’ do that, you might as well be tempted to send it to your friends including me and you would have sold our email addresses free of charge to a spammer. Have you ever received an email saying you have won multi-bucks or a free Blackberry cell phone and you don’t’ remember entering any competition. Or someone wants to transfer money into your account, My advice, DELETE it or report as SPAM. All similar emails will be sent to SPAM or JUNK and you will have peace when reading your mails.

 Somebody has sent you an email inviting you to an international gathering and they request you to contribute $500 before you complete your registration. My advice, tell them you will pay at conference, unless you have verified that it is a genuine conference you can register and pay online or with othearrangements.

You bank with Bank A, but you receive an email from Bank B saying your internet banking has been tempered with and they request you to click the link to fix it, call your bank and ask if they have sent you an email and their respond will be ‘No’ and what do you do after that? DELETE, Report as SPAM and have peace while reading your mails.

Hope you have learned a thing or two, I just wanted to share this with you, so you can share this with others if you like but don’t send it back to me. See, I’m not a scammer, I am a good guy.

See you in the next post.