Where can I create a free blog


Google has some fantastic but free blogging service. Blogger.com is a place to be if you like to start a blog using Google services. Blogger will give you a free domain name which will end with .blogspot.com, example sabestjobs.blogspot.com

Blogger is easy to use, non-complicated, and full of integrated gadgets. It can automatically be available on the Google depending on your setting.

You can invite about 100 more people to post their entries of blogger.

If you are a first time blogger, I recommend blogger for you to start with.


World press

Worldpress can be another alternative for you to create your blog. I have not used worldpress so much that I could say more about it but you can take a look at it maybe you will like it.


Yola.com is a web hosting site with free site building templates and free hosting for domain names that ends with yolasite.com example malapatrading.yolasite.com. I have used Yola on four of my websites. Yola is a bit complicated to use but if you take time to look at the features on the site builder menu, you can master it in no time. You just need to register yourself by going to www.yola.com the click “Get started” and follow instructions. Then you can start creating your blog(s). You can create up to 25 sites on Yola. You can use it as free domain or buy a domain while on the web builder account.