What influence search visibility and click through

Firstly, I would like to thank you for searching this article. Read this carefully to better understand how you can optimize your Adsense click through. You might also consider trying to implement some of the tips I have shared in this post while you are reading it now.

Let’s get down to business now. It is obvious knowledge that Google Adsense display advertisements that are relevant to the contents of your website. It displays Ads that are related to the contents of each web page. The following are some of the influence of display of Google ads on your web/blog pages:

Tags-these are words or phrases which one uses when constructing a post or article for better search visibility. Make sure that you insert tags when constructing your post on your blog for better visibility by search engines. These are also influenced by good keywords which I will explain just now.

Keywords-these are phrases within your post, article or page content that search engines can easily identifies when trying to search for relevant search items requested by an end-user. Examples, “work from home” are one of the popular key words used by most online business advertisers and some scams-of-course. In this post a good key word could be “increasing Google Adsense clicks”. These are also important influence for ads display on your website. Good keywords increase search visibility by search engines, so use them wisely to get better search visibility and better click through when displayed on search results.

Now let’s get more specific to Google Adsense

Ad Unit selection and positioning

Choosing the type of ad to be displayed on your site will influence your visitors’ clicks. Big or longer ad units are more visible to site visitors and hence more clicks on your ads. Try to use ad units such as [728x90] Ad units and Ad Links such as [728x15]. It also matters where you place them on your website. This big or long ad unit have better click through if they are placed on top of your page just below your navigation menu if it is on the top of your page. Also try [160x600].

How many Google ad units can I place per page?

You can place up to 3 ad links of the same size [720x15] on top of each of your web/blog pages. So they will be displayed as 3 lines of ad links with about 15 links (source Google Adsense support). I know ad links pays peanuts but you also know that peanuts are used to make butter, isn’t it? You can also place 2 ad units of [250x250] size below or above your posts, you can place 2 of [160x600] ad unit on the left or right side bar, depending on the layout or your web/blog pages.

How do I see performance of my ad units?

On your Adsense control area, go to Performance reports and click a type of performance you want to view. You can view your ad performance per ad unit, per ad type, per country and etcetera. This will allow you to understand ad units that are most clicked and how much they are paying you per click and per 1000 impressions.

Which ad type to display on my website?

Ad links comes as links that are displayed on your website. Other ad units can be displayed as text only, text and image or text/images and rich content. It is recommended that you switch your ad units to image/text/rich media content option so that you will get better chance of displaying high-paying ads which might be rich content or image ads. On your Adsense control area go to My ads, your ad units will display, click on the check box to select ad units you want to change formats, click edit ad units then select rich media/image/text option. In few minutes your ads will display all type of formats you have selected. Regularly, visit this area if you need to change the ad format.

That’s what I can say to you for now, good luck with your Adsense optimization.