You are reading this post because you are not getting enough traffic to your blog or website. Yep, everyone needs traffic to their sites, the more the traffic to your site, the more revenue you accumulate. Here are two things you can use to get more traffic to your website free.

If you need traffic to your site, you need to know the basics of diverting them (traffic) from the search engines to your site. In this regard, I will make examples using Google and I will tell you how you can submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Active Search for better visibility on these search engines.

In this post, I will not waste your time by saying something unnecessary, I will just go straight to the point.

1.       You need “relevant Keywords”

You might be asking yourself why I said “relevant keywords”. Yes, keywords on your post should be relevant and precise, they should match post content. Now another question that you might be asking yourself is “how do I know if the keyword I’m intending to use is relevant?” It’s simple, if your keywords are intended for visibility in Google search, you need to target Google keywords.


Go to Google search page and type first word of your intended key word, look at the Google predictions/suggested keywords. Yes, that’s it, now you have a “relevant keywords” that you know Google would love to put you on top of the search results.

See how I managed to be on first 3 top results for searching “learnerships for”. 

Now, you see what good keywords do to Google visibility. “I scooped No 1, No 2 and No 3 search results”, search again in few hours, you will see me scooping more top visibility.

Usually Google will display 10 most used keywords on that day or period of the week, because you can’t memorise all the ten keywords, you will need a snap shot of the search page.

While the suggested keywords have been displayed press Ctrl+Alt+Prt Sc on your computer keyboard to capture the screen contents. This is how your snapshot might look like, depending on you browser and the theme you are using. Now open a Paint document and paste the copied contents on Paint. Walla!, now you can enter your keywords on your blog/article post’s keywords space. Now you are ready to be viewed by thousands of potential web viewers who you have turn into traffic to your site.

This is how I do my search engine optimization (SEO)

2.       Yo need to submit your site to search engines

You can start at Google of course, go to and follow the simple instructions. Submit as many pages as possible, I mean all if you have time. You must have time, since you need traffic, this is your investment in a way, so do it and do it now.

Go to to add/submit you URL to Active Search results

Go to  to submit your URL on Bing

Go to  to add/submit your site URL to Yahoo

Now, you are visible to web’s most powerful search engines. If you like this post, like it, tweet it and share it with your friends, show them that you can share some valuable information with them. Remember to subscribe to this blog or our Online Business Newsletter.

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