Few things you need to know about making money online, that is working from home in your online business.

How does this Online Business work?

I am definitely sure that you have this question in your mind but you don’t know who to ask. Well, here is the answer the million dollar question.

One: You need to have a website/a blog

It does not matter what kind of a site it is, whether it’s an individual site, your personal blog or even a classifieds website site.  But it has to be well structured.


Two: You need to have a product to offer to the people, ah! what product? By a product I am referring to information that you will be sharing with the people visiting your website/blog. In most of my sites, the products that I’m offering are jobs links, Learnerships, Internships and just telling people how I Make Money Online (Online Business). Just like that.

Three: You need to get advertisers to advertise to your website. Don’t worry; if you think it will be difficult for you to get them, I will share with you who are my big advertisers. And I can even help you to get your application for these advertisers to advertise to your website without even meeting you in person.

How much does one make online per month?

Well, this depends on the effort that you make, the harder you work to promote your website, the more you earn more money online, I guess that will be the reward of your hard work.

Let me share with you what I’m earning online now. When I started this business I didn’t even know a thing about it, but with time and the research I made online, I think I have just cracked it now. I started in 2008, but from there until December 2010, I only had R90 in my virtual account. One is asking himself, two years!!!! Yes two years and I only had R90, Why? Because I didn’t know what products people are looking for online, my product was not working at all, to cut it shot, it was boring and not interesting on not in demand for the majority of online visitors.

Come January 2011, I managed to reach a R1000 threshold (an amount where I could be able to request for the payment from the earning I have on my virtual l (online) account). Wow! 1000 in one month!

The next month R2400, the next R4000, then R7600 now I am at R12 000. Yes R12 000 is what I made online in January 2012. Yep, I guess it’s a rhyme with the year 2012, so I have to start with a 12 thousand LOL. But seriously, I have made R12 000 in January 2012. And I have accumulated R19 000 in three months, October, November and December 2011.

So, it’s conclusive that, the more traffic (site visitors) you have, the more money you earn.

If you don’t have time to build your website or you can’t do it yourself, let me do it for you. Contact me for a flexible Web Design quotation. Let me design a website that looks more like limpopocontacts.com and you will be able to regain your cost in just one month (My Guarantee, if your site gets approved by my big advertiser). If you like this post, please share it with your friends. See you in my next post.