Marketing your blog

How will people know about my blog?

Marketing your blog is as important as updating your blog. People will never know about your blog unless you tell them about it. You might be wondering now how you can do it. Well, let me remove your wondering mood from you.

There are a lot of free methods you can use to market your blog or website.

Using social networks

Social networks these days are becoming more and more used even in areas where computer access is rarely accessible. Today, millions or let me rephrase this, billions of people use mobile phones. Modern mobile phones have wap enabling services, allowing end-users to browse the internet using their phones. Social networks also have taken the advantage of these services. They have hade it their business to make sure that mobile phone users maximize the utilization of their networks. You can take advantage of the social networks as well to market your blog.

The most used network is Facebook, it has more than 500 million active users of which 50% log on the site everyday. Facebook users spend about 700 billion minutes per month and an average user has about 130 friends.

Twitter is another social network which can also be integrated with facebook user profile and pages. You can use Twitter to update you followers on your latest blog posts. You can also link your Tweets with your Facebook Fan Page.

Twiends helps you get more Twitter followers and You Tube Video views. You can log onto Twiends using your Twitter account.

Using classified ads site

Some of the best classifieds site includes: Gumtree, Kalahariads, OXL and more other sites. These sites are good for sending traffic to your site but you need to put real content and they strictly discourage spamming.

Recomended Books: