If you came here via Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other searching engines, you have chosen the right article about online business.

Now let’s start. Whether you are from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Australia or anywhere in the world, you might have heard of online business. Work-from- home, Work-at-home, Online data entry jobs, these are the common messages you may have come across in most of the work from home Google Adsense Advertisements and other eMarketing systems.

Working from home comes in different kinds, sizes and different costs. For me, if I have to use it, it should be free, I believe in the saying that ‘best things in life are free’. I am sure you agree with me on this, isn’t it? Well if not, that’s OK but I still believe so. Have you ever paid one subscriber after another and you get referred to another who will charge you more and you wonder if ever, you are going to get your final product? It has happened to me, not once but more than once.

My recommendations to the beginners who wants to earn something just for being online would be that, start with a free programme, don’t pay for an eBook while you can get if for free. I mean absolutely free. You must be wondering why free, I will explain in a minute, keep reading.

Online Money Making eBooks

My first eBook caused me 750 South African Rands (about $110 US Dollar) and all I got was something that talks about Adsense and Email Marketing but not clear, requesting me to buy another eBook. I remember calling my bank and saying “I want to do a reversal, someone has sold me something I was not hoping for” Unfortunately the damage was already done. All I got was Adsense, which I could have accessed without reading some eBooks.

Below is one of my favorite eBook about making money online, I’m telling you, I have learn a lot on this eBook. The owner of this eBook permits everyone to re-distribute it freely, why? Of course it is his marketing strategies to get trust from the audience and recommending him to more and more people. Well, who cannot recommend someone who gave you expensive information for free? I guess your answer is “No one”

 The eBook is from John Chow, Blogger on Johnchow.com. This is a very good eBook. I won’t explain but you will have to see it yourself when you read it, because I know you are going to download it, free of course. It has almost everything that a blogger needs to know from tips on blogging to monetising your blog or any other websites. Whether you are an experienced blogger or a beginner, you will pick up something to use in improving your blogging and site monetisation.

My observation on online money making opportunities

You need to have a product or service to offer to your clients.

The product needs to be consumable, I mean it must satisfy human desires. For example, if you are a blogger, you need to satisfy your readership, they should be able to request for more and more. In that way, you will be able to maintain and increase your readership.

Sometimes free offers are also an incentive to the clients, e.g. giving away free eBooks, credits for staying on the site. e.g sites such as Twiends.com which help people who needs more Twitter followers and Facebook Fan Page, gives its members free credits for them to be followed by other Twitter members, getting more Facebook Fan Page fans and driving traffic to their websites.

Site Traffic

The lesser traffic you get on your website, the lesser the revenue of course, that’s the most unfortunate part for most of us. However, there are some quick solutions. What am I talking about? Some sites offer to get traffic to your site, of course you have to do something for them as well. Either you buy their traffic directing programmes or you get free credits. Free credits? Yes, free credits. I am sure that you are interested in this. I will only tell you about one site which can drive traffic like you have never seen before. That is Twiends.com, I mentioned it earlier, just re-read the previous paragraph to understand how it works. Just try it and if it does not work, come back and say “Mr Adam, your referral is crap and I will give your money back, wait a minute, which money? I didn’t take your money? I referred for free. On a serious note, I know it works.

I Recommend this monetizing programmes

Google Adsense, the most trusted and well known, I guess every blogger knows about Adsense.

Bidvertiser, this is one of the good monetising affiliate programme

Infolinks, for displaying pop up and in-text ads

Offerforge, for affiliate commisions per click, lead and per sale

Hoping that you have grabbed something on this and this will work well for your online business.

I would appreciate your comments and sharing this post if you feel it worth sharing.