It was about 17h55 when I get my first bite of lunch, no, I mean to say supper. But it’s not wrong to call it lunch since I didn’t eat the whole afternoon. I think I’m going too fast, let me start over.

It was 30 minutes before I touched a piece of fully prepared meal, when I zoomed my eye outside and I saw my beautiful angel(Caylin, I hope you know her by now, if not check this post) in pink dress on cream with flower spots, stylish but not so complicated adorable shoes. Then I said “this deserves a camera” running back to the room to take my mini DV camera to capture some memories of her. I captured her running towards me, and coming very closer to the camera and suddenly giving it a kiss. “Mmwaaa!” That was her giggling with a happy face.

For sure this was just to push time as I was starving, that I could go and have a bite of ‘wors’ which was not yet fully done. Some minutes later I had a sexy voice outside “Papa, dinner is ready” that was Nurse, my life partner and the mother of my two angels, Cyril and Caylin. Immediately, I disconnected my data card from the computer and went straight to where the table was laid, not a real table of course but a small plastic tray.

My eyes was caught up in the set up that was, again I said “this deserves a camera” this time I took a photographic

digital camera and Click! Click! Wala! You can see the picture below. On the menu was pasta, soya mince, carrots, butternut, and a salad comprised of red and green pepper, lettuce and cucumber dressed with Italian salad dressing. Two wine glass, one for me, one for her, of course not for drinking wine but for consuming red grape juice. Hmm! It was so delicious but I think a bit of salt was lacking, just a bit. But it was perfect.

That’s how I spent my New Year day with the lovely Nurse and Caylin, Cyril has decided to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year day with his granny at Mailaskop.

I hope your mouth is watering now and I have just appetised you. Don’t worry, we just finished eating now that is why we have put this post online neh!

Thanks for reading this post, I would appreciate your comments and how you have spent your day, even if it’s not a new year’s day, any day of the year