It was on the 14th of December 2010, just a day before we close for the festive holidays, when Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) Mopani District Staff went for a Team Building outside Tzaneen Town. The purpose was to say some good byes when going to the holidays. The attendance of the team building included the field workers who work at community health facilities around the district, field workers responsible for TAC branch activities and office management staff.

Formal Team Building session

In just minutes of arrival to the destination, Petronella, Shirley and Marry were the first people to splash in to the water, it’s summer of course, splash! Splash! But noticeably and ashamedly, Petronella can’t swim, that is why you can see her hanging on the back of Shirley Skosana all day long, Shirley was the top swimmer of the day or let me just say, the only swimmer on board. I nearly forgot Marry, Shine, Florence, Charles, the list is endless, everyone else can’t swim. People were just walking in the water.

I told you, some people can't swim

One funny moment was when Charles wants to get in but he didn’t have a short and they exchanged with Moses who suddenly wore a pink short from nowhere. I think if I was Gay I would say “so sexy” displaying some the ‘soup pack’ I mean six pack, sorry! This is a big lie, there is no six pack, even four not to mention two, he doesn’t have it at all and he had never had it. He must go to the Vodacom guy to get some lessons on how he has been ‘having it’ or go to the gym. Well, that should be your 2011 resolution, take Charles and Jimmy with you and minimise the Mzansi trips. If you don’t know what Mzansi is, you must just ask what Mzoli’s is if you are in Cape Town.

Left:Mashudu, Onassis and the 5l water, Right: Charles on the stand

Moses in pink

The team building was self-fun-filled as you decide whether to go in the water or you just stay outside like Mashudu Mfomande who didn’t even touch the water, even just to feel the temperature. I think she didn’t even drink bottled water on that day as she is water phobic, relax I’m just kidding, she finished five litres of water alone, I’m still kidding.

While the big fishes are spreading their fins and gills in the water, the ‘serious about eating’ guys were spicing it up, turning it and making sure that it is well done. That was Charles, Erick, Daniel and T Man in the braai department.

A formal session was facilitated by Onassis Mfomande from Social Development in Tzaneen, after a short verbal presentation, participants were provided with questioners to fill about how they relive stress and dealing with problems in their daily lives. After feeling a questioner, a feed back was given by participants and Onassis concluded the session.

After four full hours, Shirley was still in the water, she has never put her foot out of the water until I left the place at 17h30 when a bit of chilliness was stating to invade my skin.

It was a grate closing occasion but not so grate as more people said they were not told that we were going to a swimming area, so they came unprepared. I will invite you in the next team building, I’m just avoiding you from asking that question “why was I not invited” cheers for now.

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