With internet and wireless connections, this Christmas I took my work home. Actually, it started last year, round about 19 December 2009, when we closed at work for the festive holidays. But instead of chilling with my family, I was always online chatting with the facebook friends. On top of the list was Musa Kotana and Nkateko Toko Mbiza, tjo! we could talk about just up to anything. I remember uploading a slice of brown bread, spread with red jam as we used to call it Machangani Jam (Apology if anyone feel offended by this, if it can cause a serious tribal harm, let me know I will be happy to remove it).

This year it was more about myself trying to put together my site and blog Limpopo Contacts Dot Com and its BLOG. After attending a conference in Brazil on Social Security System from 1 o 5 December this year, I felt like putting some memories on the blog, so I did just that by uploading some photos and a BLOG post. Prior to that, I put some funny memories of my second born Caylin. Her waving to her Gogo, sorry I meant to say Gugu, she doesn’t want to be called Gogo since she is a Venda, she prefers Gugu. I also uploaded her pictures (Caylin) in the pot and watching TV as well.

Let me share this beautiful Christmas message from Mhani Siyani Marima from Anova Health Institute, Tzaneen.

Message for partner organisations from Anova Health Institute, Tzaneen

But I couldn’t afford not to notice other internet junkies like Lawrence Mbalati, who kept on sending stuff to us in our mailing list, Phillip Mokwena, TAC Deputy COO who sent a last Christmas message to TAC staff and Activists around the world and last but not list a friend request on Facebook by Vuyiseka Dubula, TAC’s General Secretary. To me I it was like ‘now she wants to monitor my Facebook moves neh!’ Until a day before New Year’s Eve that my internet bundle couldn’t afford me to stay online, that’s when I wrote this.

Oh! I nearly forgot that I disappointed Anaconda Youth in Action members for talking about a Youth Camp that at the end did not happen. Hai! I hope that everyone would find a space in their hearts to forgive me.

Happy New Year good people, colleagues and friends.

I would like to get a feedback from you, please comment and thanks in advance.

See you in the next post.