My First Post for this BLOG


It was around 3h30 in the afternoon, when I thought of putting up this BLOG. My wife, Nurse, was about ten minutes from arriving

at the room (the place we call home for that time). Sitting on the bed, leaning against the cream painted wall, flat sitting with a small purplish-cushion on my lap to my knees balancing my beautiful, lovely, black SAHARA notebook.

A white fridge in front of me had some containers on top of it, a fan and a toaster, next to it was a 32 centi-metre silver gray TV playing some children movie. A robe just next to the TV has one door widely-open and another open as well but not as wide as the one on the left.

A newspaper was just lying on my left on the same bed that I was sitting on displaying a soccer match that was played a day before between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs. I will not talk about the score but if you can Google it you will know which team won.

This post is just about how I dreamed on the trip to Brazil. It was 14 November 2010 when I wrote this post but I felt like the 30th of the same months is some months away.

When I Googled it, Brasilia, for the first time I just wanted to know a little about it. All that I have grabbed from Wikipedia was that it’s a capital city of Brazil and it was established around 1960s. That was enough for that time, the second time I Googled it, I wanted to get some pictures of how it looks like. Third and final for this post for the sake of not blowing away your data while you are reading this BLOG, is when I just wanted to know what kind of conference facilities and how they look like. One more is when I wanted to know if there was a beach and yes, there is a beach.

See you later when I fill you in with what happened to the actual Brazil trip.


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