When I started my working from home business, I paid R700 for one eBook, by then I didn’t even know what an eBook is. Again I bought another package for R250, just to find out that I was supposed to buy another one “the so called” International Business Pack (IBP) to sell some health-related products. Both didn’t work for me.

Now, let me tell you that you are not going to pay for my product. With this product I am earning just above R8500 every month, this is not a static income but a baseline of how much I’m getting per month from the product I am using.


You need the following three requirements

  • A lap top computer or a desktop computer (compulsory)

  • An internet connection, a 3G or a home internet line (NB: you must never use an internet cafe for this concept)(compulsory)

  • A product to offer to your clients (do not panic)

That’s it, the three mentioned above requirements are compulsory. I’m sure now you have a problem that you do not have the product. Don’t panic, that is why I am here to help, I have a product.

I will give you the product I am using and guide you on how you can best utilise it to start earning your money while working from your home.

One thing, I forgot to tell you, I just resigned from my full time job so that I will have more time to focus on the work from home business I am managing now to earn more than R8500 per month. Watch this space, next month I could be telling you that I’m earning R1000 or double, who knows! This is because my earning increases on monthly basis, I don’t wait for annual increment, but monthly ones.

If you need to download the product I am using, let’s go to the next page.


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