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A question to you

Do you really think this works? What kind of a system is it that gives you money for just staying at home and filling some online data? Have you ever been paid for just filing a survey?

My answers
I think these are just scams who are trying to get our email addresses for email marketing. Why cant they just allow you to withdraw your accumulated survey money without limiting you to reaching a certain level. Why cant they send you all the surveys they get instead they send you one which is not gonna give you much to reach your withdrawal level.

My dream
I sometimes dream of working at home with no fuss of thinking of going to a certain firm or office to do my work. Not having to get into a car or a public transport to go and hunt for money. I even dream of going for example to my dream holiday, say going to Zanzibar for example. Traveling with a luxury flight, a beautiful cruise ship and some limousine to reach my local destination.

Who can give someone free money for just filling some survey? Take my advice, its just scams, don't fall a prey.

Some websites looks more real than others, but some will even tell you that you can make up to thousands of dollars in a month. If there is anyone who has made that tell me and I will tell my 1000 friends to join your Work From Home System.

The Real Work at Home Product
The only Work at home system that you can trust is to open a spaza shop at home sell airtime, electricity like me, check my website here www.malapacommunications.com alternatively you can also add you crap work from home advertisements at www.limpopocontacts.com.

This is not huge money but an extra cash separate from your monthly salary. You don't have to abandon your job to do it. You just buy the right business franchise and walaaa! You got it. A business starter pack card that does all in one. Of course you have to be in South Africa in order to use it.

The other online jobs to earn a little income is through ads. You can put Google ads for free on your site and earn commission per client clicks. Other similar advertising programmes includes Addynamo.com, Adsfundi, Bidvertiser. This programmes can give you an extra cash while comfortably blogging from that beautiful chair in your own home.

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