Have you ever written something as if you are talking? I would love to be that kind of writer that connects to his readers in such a simple manner. One young woman who writes as if she is talking is Vhonani Mashamba aka Vhonzella, when she sends me an email, I feel like she’s just there next to me. You will see when she responds to this post, tell me if my observation is wrong or not.

But I also try it sometimes, especially when I’m writing a message to my partner (Nurse). I could imagine her when she’s reading it, whether it is with the ‘wide smile’ or ‘just smile’. If I imagine her in a ‘just smile’ I could say something like “If you are not laughing, you’ll never laugh again” and then I say “good girl, I knew you’ll show me that good smile”.

One other person that I’m definitely sure that he will laugh when reading my writings is Mr Secret Munyai also known as (aka) Point Me on Facebook. This guy can laugh at everything I said even if it’s not a joke. So I will say “laugh if you want, but I know that this is not a joke” he will laugh and say “hai, hai Uncle Tab” Ag! I forgot to tell you he is my nephew. His elder sister Mashudu Munyai aka Shudaiza and my sister Bridget who is their mother, are other two people, who just laugh as if they were paid to do that, but I love it, I feel like I am a comedian when I’m talking to them.

But on a serious note, my intention for 2011 is to write as I’m speaking to you, I want you to feel connected and able to visualise the meaning of my message. Please help me do this by commenting below this post.

Thanks in advance for reading and commenting on this post.