Screenshot of my first Addynamo payments
 Today, I just received my first payment for publishing Ads on my website. It’s not big bucks but it worth mentioning for some of us who still doubt that there are online opportunities for bloggers to earn cash.

Firstly, let me tell you from who I got paid from. Can you guess! No, it’s not Adsense and it’s not Yahoo affiliate, it’s Ad Dynamo. Who?, I just joined them very recently and now I got my first payment in my first month. They might be new to you, yes they are still expanding globally but already have offices in South Africa, The US and many other countries.

For me, they have been the highest publishers’ paid-per-click advertising agency. They don’t mind to give you half of the ad revenue they generated, yes half as in 50% of what they generate per click. If you are shocked, don’t’ worry,  I was also shocked, my eyes were widely open, bigger than my head, I couldn’t even manage to cover my mouth with both my palms because it was extremely wide open of shock. My very first click was almost $1, about R6.80 and I’m telling you, I thought of replacing adsese with addynamo but I couldn’t finalise that decision. Ag, why remove one when you can have both? My only problem with addynamo is that their ads target the country not specific tags or website or blog contents. If they were targeting contents of the website or blog, people could be making millions of bucks in just few days.

Addynamo pay publishers on monthly basis at a very low minimum payout amount of R100, about $14. You don’t have to wait years and years before you get your first payment. Addynamo is an exciting programme that keeps on updating your bank or PayPal account even if your normal work salary has ran out.

My first payment comes after three concrete years of publishing Adsense ads on my blogs. So far, I have not yet received payments from Google Adsense since they have to do the verification of physical address. But also because I was still trying and errors occurred in my years of testing my writings and finding what people are interested on, when surfing the internet and learning how to drive them to see my posts which increases ads click revenue, resulting in good earnings. My next post will be about Adsense, you will know more about it and how it can assist you in earning an extra income while holding on your traditional job.

All this small success has not just come simply on a snap of finger, it has been a trial and error process and I am still finding my feet somehow. It comes with understanding the needs of your clients, driving traffic to your blog, building and maintaining that relationship with your site visitors. I have mentioned some tricks on driving traffic to your site on the article “How to make money online using free systems” check it out.

In one of my posts, I spoke about having a consumable product for your clients. A products or service that will make your site visitors to come back for more. In my case, all I do is just blogging. Blogging about Learnerships, internships, jobs, my work and my daily experience. By posting job links, I get more genuine site visitors visiting specifically for job searching. So, if the ads I have put on the site are related to what the visitors are there for, there is no doubt, they will have to click them. Then I earn a bit of click commission.

One other tool I have used is to put a subscribe link on the navigation menu for those who would like to receive email updates to subscribe, helping me to build visitors database.

Submitting my site URL to Google has also improved my search engine visibility. The post I have posted so far with the right key words such as Learnerships, Jobs, Posts, and Internships has helped my site to get second page appearances on Google search. Sometimes first page appearance with two or more matching key words.

Yo! I just got carried away and mentioned a lot of stuff unintentionally but I hope it will makes sense to those who are interested in the ‘know how’. But the aim for the article was to tell you about my first Ads payment.

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See you in the next post.