MiWay Staffing Solutions believes in helping people therefore our slogan: Boleng – Quality!!!

We want to help the millions of unemployed people out there by giving them the tools, tips and know how to get the job and career they have been dreaming of. We will be training candidates on our course (The Power of the perfect Interview), then doing Psychometric testing and career guidance and then an interview with our Recruitment department and ultimately helping you to secure YOUR perfect career opportunity:

Duration of the POPI Program will be for two days: From 8h00 – 15h00 the first day and from 8h00 – 17h00 the second day

Day One: 8h00 – 15h00
You FIRST SESSION will start with our Psychologists for 6 hours doing Psychometric tests and an interview to discuss your results. They will be giving you a Career Guidance Report to tell you which industry you should be focusing on and three possible positions that you will be suitable for.

Day Two: 8h00 - 17h00
Our Training Department will take over to present you with our course: “The Power of the Perfect Interview”

We will be covering the following in this four (5) hour course, plus a Manual will be given to the candidates that cover the following in detail:

• The right personality to have to get that perfect job
• How to create and have a Professional CV
• Dress for success
• Interviewing skills, tips and tricks
• Questions that could be asked during an interview and how to answer them
• How to do the correct research that is required on the new company that you would love to work for
• We will be doing role-plays
• And so much more….

Then you will meet with our Recruitment team that will be doing an Interview with you to assist you in finding the right position according to your results received from your career guidance report received from our Psychologists. The recruitment consultants will also assist you with developing a professional CV that will be able to market you into the corporate world.

Please take Note: You are not paying for the Recruitment services

We are available from Monday to Friday

Should you be interested then please contact Eben Scholtz on +279 709 7951 or email him on eben@miwayss.co.za to secure your booking today still.